My Boyfriend's Record Collection

I'M GOING TO LISTEN TO IT ALL. Rock n' Roll frontman/music industry dude starts dating music-loving chick who thought she knew it all. She was wrong. So each day they pick a record from his (ever growing) collection to review. HE writes about it, SHE writes about it (no sharing before posting) and then it's onto the next. Note: Posts are best read when listening to the choice song ( .

October 21, 2011 9:30 am
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  • A Salty Salute
  • By: Guided By Voices
  • Live in Daytron
  • 30 Plays

Artist: Guided By Voices
Album: Live in Daytron
Released: 2010
Label: Rockathon
Choice Song: A Salty Salute

HIS: Remember those dating shows when they’d put the boyfriend in the silent booth and ask the girlfriend questions like “What is Archie’s favorite dessert?” Or “Who is the first person Russ would call if you guys got engaged?” Well I have a feeling that this could be one of those moments. Now, I could be totally wrong. I could miss the mark completely and she could go off on some other riff but I think I’ve got this girl’s number. Because of course - and as you may notice in reading older posts - her entries are of the more esoteric variety while mine are more focused on the records themselves. Whereas I like to discuss a given album’s merit or lackthereof, she prefers to expunge on how these records remind her of youth or make her think about people or makes her want to call her dad to say hi or in this case remind her of a date she once had. And as some of you may know, we don’t share these entries prior to posting so I’m taking a shot here. But I’m pretty sure she’s gonna tell you about one of the first times we ever hung out and I took her for breakfast and then we went record shopping and I picked this album up and then we went and laid on top of my fuzzy blanket and listened to the entire thing one chilly Saturday afternoon. Of course, I could be wrong. Well?

HERS: **You’re wrong. PS - Thanks for breakfast. ** ;)

We spend our entire childhoods thinking about what we’ll be “when we grow up.” Teachers, guidance counselors and advisers weigh in on what we’d be “best” at and where we’d “excel.” We take tests to help guide us, work hard in school, take on higher and higher levels of education. It’s all to clutch that achievement sitting at the top of that ladder—whatever that is. But what if you were “best” at your “job” when you were wasted, silly drunk and totally hammered? What if you played your best, exceeded expectation and achieved greatness in the late hours of night and early hours of morning on a stage blurry eyed and blacked out? They sure don’t teach that in school. This could be the case for Guided By Voices. Though I’ve never seen them live, this album is enough to know this is where they shine. While the rest of the world wakes up to blaring alarm clocks, they’re going to sleep (after all, “the club is still open,” right?). (NOTE: When schooled on this album by said owner of said record collection, the most important fist-pumping part is this line.) The great American workforce chugs down coffee as they crush beers. Their office is any stage they take to and their performance reports come nightly. Clearly, the crowd approves. All in a day’s work for Guided By Voices.